Chicago based hip hop artist J.Sprado, is an up and coming music sensation who aspires to influence the music game with his unique vibe. Understanding that individuality is a key factor in making a name for himself, Sprado takes pride in having his own style and creating music that inspires everyone, in spite of age, in his own way. His goal is to unapologetically be himself, while encouraging the youth, most importantly to be free, to have goals and to conquer each obstacle set before them. Of course things for Sprado have not always been easy. Growing up he found himself in troubling situations. With basketball being his first love, Sprado unfortunately lost his college basketball scholarship for marijuana usage. Influenced by his peers, he got involved with the streets and drug life which lead to problems and life threatening situations. Having parents that never gave up on him and realizing that the streets showed no love, he found solitude in writing music, turning his thoughts and how he felt into poetic art. He found comfort in the idea of creating music. Understanding that in this music industry, being worried about what people think about you gets you nowhere, Sprado is more than content with finding fame and stardom venturing down his own lane. Straying away from labels like, “conscious rapper,” Sprado would rather be known as the hip hop artist that uses the power of the platform to reach millions of people for a positive purpose. In fact, his motto is, “Purpose in Motion.” Having a purpose and using it to inspire, to him, is more rewarding than any dollar amount. Working on his first solo project, Sprado is determined to open the door for positivity within his music, while also encouraging the youth to stay away from drugs, violence, and becoming a statistic. While being unafraid to evolve with the consistent change in hip hop,  Sprado is without a doubt destined for sure greatness and fame doing it his way.